Life in the New Year

Many people have slammed the door on 2016 as a year of divisiveness, hate and loss. I have to agree that yes, it's been all of that, but for me it's also been a time of growth and realisation. Not all of that was comfortable, for the world or me personally, but no worthwhile change was ever achieved from a place of safety and comfort. Challenging times bring out the best in people.

The beginning of most years have felt like this - a blank page. I'm not a one for making new year resolutions (the spring always seems like a much better time for that) so I've kind of drifted into each new year with a vague sense of needing to make a change.

I've made the usual vows - eat healthier, exercise more, be a better person - but that has often felt like an empty effort. Shouldn't I be doing those things anyway? Perhaps that's the problem. This time of year excels at selling expectations. We should do this and we should get rid of that. I've always been uncomfortable with the word 'should'. It smacks of what other people think and has nothing to do with what truly makes us tick, our loves and passions.

2017 is different. I have a plan, one that excites me because it includes projects that are dear to my heart but also challenges me to step out into new arenas. It's a busy plan that touches every part of my life. 2016 saw me disheartened and doubting myself. In 2017, I'm taking charge. 

Whatever you have planned for 2017, here's to twelve months that stretch you in the best of ways. The future is as bright as we make it. Happy new year.


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