Today I met a poet

My morning has a set ritual:
  • Get up. 
  • Get children up. 
  • Do school run. 
  • Walk the dog. 
This happens on every week day since Bailey the pooch arrived at our house.

This morning was a glorious day to get out and about, sunny but just chilly enough to need a coat, perfect for a stroll amongst the autumn leaves.

On the way back, I met a neighbour walking his two dogs. I was trying to take a photo at the time and he commented that he liked to take photos too. We chatted (while I tried to stop Bailey from jumping up at him to be petted and terrorising his dogs) and it turned out that my neighbour is also a writer, a poet. You can find his website here.

What I got most from our chat was how wonderful it is to talk to another writer. We writers are a fractured society. We don't generally gather en masse like many professions. We tend to work alone, only meeting up with like minded souls on occasion. Today was one of those occasions for me. What a great start to my day.


  1. So weird but I know I commented on this post already, yet my comment seems to have gotten eaten in cyberspace. Anyway, you never know who you're going to meet.

  2. No kidding! There's nothing like being able to rubs shoulders with a fellow scribbler, and what a nice surprise to find one so close to home!


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