Photo Inspiration for November

One benefit to having a dog is the walks we go on. Since Bailey has been in my life, I've rediscovered the joy of walking for pleasure. I get exercise, I get to meet people and it also presents me with all kind of opportunities to take photographs.

I took this shot yesterday on our morning walk. Above this leaf-laden ground are masses of apples and berries, the bounty of the season. I'm sure that most passing people, if they look up, will see the fruit growing on the trees and bushes but very few will notice the fallen fruit at their feet.

The image of fallen fruit can mean many things - a fall from grace, something downtrodden, or the bottom rungs of the ladder. What does this image inspire you to write?


  1. I don't know why but this makes me think of a post-apocolyptic story.

  2. Longing. It inspires me with longing. We don't have fall in Florida, so...

    1. Oh no. I love autumn. I'm sure you have better summers than us though. :-)


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