About Me (or You)

Here I am on my birthday weekend in Venice, hot chocolate waiting (plus my very patient husband), and still checking my phone for emails. I really should learn to put down the 'social media' when I'm on holiday.

When I started blogging back in 2009, the general advice out there for writers who used social media was to be everywhere - Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else social-media-ish that you could manage. For a while, I tried to be 'omnipresent' online but I soon learnt that I was happier on some social media sites than others, and that keeping track of all the places I had to post was exhausting.

These days I limit myself to my Facebook page, my blog, my business site, Google+ and Twitter. I dip into other sites like Linked In, Pinterest and Tumblr but only occasionally and when they prove useful. The problem with using more than one site in this way is publicising them. I mention the relevant sites on my Murdering The Text website and on my blog but how do I tie up both those identities (murder mystery playwright Fiona and children's writer Fi)?

My answer is to use the about.me website. I can link to all of these social media outlets, my business website, my blog and add in a writer's bio. I use a link to my about.me page as my email signature too.

I first joined and wrote about the about.me site back in 2011 but it has recently undergone a makeover and is much easier to use (plus more pleasant to the eye too). You can visit my about.me page here.


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