Counting Words

After a surge in my writing/editing during Camp NaNoWriMo in April, my non writing life took control in May. Add to this the fact that I couldn't get my head around a new scene that I needed to write and my wordage ground to a halt.

After throwing ideas around for that evasive scene for a couple of weeks, I finally managed to get it down on paper this week - phew. I also came to the conclusion that my writing output suffers when I don't have a plan in hand, a regular target. I've therefore returned to an old friend.

I've talked about the Pacemaker website before. Using your own choices of regularity of writing and wordcount etc, Pacemaker creates a writing plan for you. My writing plan looks like this:

Target wordcount: 25,000 (I've already written around that amount. Another 25k should finish my novel). Start date: Today. Finish date: 17th July (I want to complete this before my children break for the summer and take over my sanity). I've chosen the 'Steadily' option of writing the same amount every day which is apparently of average intensity. There's also an option for 'hard core' intensity - scary.

Using a wordcount plan like this, works for me. It gives me an immediate target. I'm too easily distracted to just 'wing it'. Working like this won't suit everybody. In fact, not everyone will even need a plan. I do. 

So the target for today is just shy of 800 words. I have a fight scene to write, well, revamp, with slightly different details and a smaller cast. After that, I have another new chapter to write. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck, Fi! It's great that you found something that will keep you on pace.

  2. I always think this kind of thing would be a good idea. But then I just get depressed when life stuff gets in the way or I hit a plot problem I have to think about and I fall behind.

    1. I know what you mean but I'm determined to keep to it.

  3. Good for you, Fi, for coming up with a solid plan to accomplish your word count each day. This sounds like a great plan! If you commit to it, I am sure you will get it done, especially knowing how distracted you will become once those kiddies finish school.
    I might have to set something similar up when I start writing my 2nd novel. But I have to reopen the first one and make edits before I start something new.
    Good luck!

  4. Hey! Thanks for the love! This is exactly what Pacemaker is about- helping people to stay focused and achieve their goals! All the best to you and as always, we're happy to learn how we can make Pacemaker even better for writers like you!

    1. Using Pacemaker really helped me keep on track. Your site is a great find.


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