In a Quandary over James

I have a decision to make in the re-write of my novel. Having added two new characters, James and his younger brother, Michael (Glitch), I have to decide whether to kill James off.

If I do kill him off, then it would mean that Hartley would take Michael under his wing and his roof. There is certainly a role for Michael to play in this story and rest of the trilogy too.

If I don't kill James off, then there is no way that he would abandon his brother (James is 17, Michael is 10). They're street kids who have survived without adults for a long time. Could James and Michael still have a purpose in the trilogy if they weren't so close at hand?

Knowing who attacks James (and kidnaps Michael), I can see a purpose to his death. It would be a method of showing what the villain's magical power is but with a healer in our party of friends, surely he could be saved.

My son (also 10) says it would be too sad to kill James. I'm still undecided. Hm. I think I need more coffee.


  1. Deciding whether or not to kill a character is always tough. Good luck. I'm sure you'll figure out what's best for the story.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. Still haven't decided.


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