Packing up my tent

So I'm packing up my tent, dousing the fire and getting ready for my last day at Camp Nanowrimo. Throughout April, I've worked on the revision of my novel with a target of 30,000 words in mind. To date, I've written 24,236 words. That means that today, I need to write just over 5,000 words to accomplish my target.

30,000 words may not be a complete novel but it's a mahoosive booster to get me on my way. I've brushed up existing chapters and created lots of new chapters too. Tying the two together has sometimes seemed like knitting spaghetti with string but I haven't let that stop me. 

One of the most pleasurable aspects of this month has been taking part in my Cabin chats. It's been a joy to talk to other writers, sharing our journey together (with all its ups and plummeting downs).

There's been plenty of help in the form of Camper Messages from Camp Nanowrimo organisers and friends to keep us all motivated too. 

I'm encouraged to try this again in July (although theoretically, I should have finished my revision of this novel by then - maybe I'll start the next novel in July instead). 

All in all, Camp Nanowrimo has been a success for me. I've met some lovely writers and enjoyed the added motivation to write. Let's hope I can keep up the pace in May.


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