Coffee and Books

My latte and bag of Lush goodies
Today was a good day. The sun was shining. My children were at school. I had some boring chores to run in my home town (Chester) but once those were over, I had a couple of hours to myself to walk around the city.

I did a spot of window shopping, popped into Lush (bath bombs for me and my children) and then headed back to my car. On the way, I discovered a new cafe. Well, it's new to me anyway, the Cinderbox Coffee Shop.

There was the usual choice of hot and cold drinks, cakes and some friendly, polite staff - all that you would expect in a coffee shop. There was also this.

Photo courtesy of Cinderbox Coffee Shop

This is the coffee shop's book swap corner. The writing on the wall reads,

to take one away,
you must...
leave one to stay.

So not only have I discovered a lovely new place to sup my favourite hot brew, but I can also drop off a (read) book and pick up a new one, for free (well, the cost of a latte). Genius.

I think this is a wonderful idea - coffee and books all in one. I wish more coffee shops/cafes/tea shops did this. With the number of libraries and bookshops being closed down in the UK, the ability to get a new read whilst enjoying a coffee has to be a good idea.

Thanks, Cinderbox Coffee Shop for making my day even better.


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