Photo Inspiration for November

I recently cut through our  village graveyard on the way home from a morning chore. As a child, and a teen, I found graveyards rather scary places to visit but now as an adult, they've taken on a different persona, something much more comforting - a garden of memories.

What does this photograph make you think of? Does it raise thoughts of ghosts, or families gathering together to remember? What stands out to you? The words on the gravestones, the shadows, or the flowers left on the grave?

What does this image inspire you to write?


  1. Umm graveyards, always been sad, not scary for me. So many families grieving over lost children. So many stories ended too soon.

  2. I've always enjoyed walking through graveyards. I find them beautiful and peaceful. I also like reading the headstones and wonder who those people were.

  3. So many questions and story inspirations (family sagas) at the graveyard. That photo is beautiful.


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