Tuesday Choice Words

We all have our own writing routines, our methods of getting the words down on the page (or up on the screen). For me, it's a pad and a pen, alone and in relative silence (ok, so the washing machine may be burbling in the background and the dogs next door are probably howling). The Trickster Prince has his own way of writing and talks about his method in The biography of a book chapter: a short photo essay.


  1. I'm a pen-and-paper writer, too, but most of the time, Iam listening to classical music. Nothing with lyrics, of course, otherwise I start singing along!

    1. Love music just before I write but not during. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I use pen and paper when I'm brainstorming because I think that method taps into my creativity better. I also use it to jot dot ideas I get when I'm not at my computer. I love blending the two.


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