Through the eyes of the Storyteller

I was once accused of 'holding court' when out with a group of friends. At the time I didn't really know what he meant. Later on, he explained that I had a habit of pulling people in with my way of speaking.

My father did the same. He would talk of memories of his childhood - Rosie the working horse who refused to be ridden by the small boy my father had been, the ghostly cow, the accidental job on a steamer - and paint a picture in my mind's eye.

This is one difference between writers and non writers. We remember and recount our memories like a story, filling in the gaps of sound and smell and colour. Whereas our non writing counterparts remember in disjointed details, we paint the entire canvas.

So let me paint you some pictures, some memories, that I've shared on this site with you:

Now it's your turn. Paint me a picture. 


  1. We do turn our memories into stories, don't we? :)

  2. Whilst talking to my son and his girlfriend the other day I asked about a trip they'd done recently. Girlfriend told me the bare details and said it was good.
    My son rolled his eyes. "You can't tell it like that!" he reprimanded. "Mum's a writer."
    He then proceeded to give me a detailed account full of funny things that had happened to them.
    Guess he could have the writer gene too ;-)


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