Photo Inspiration for April

This week and next, I'm on holiday. Or rather my children are on holiday from school and I'm organising (although school holidays do release me from ironing school uniform and making packed lunches so I get a bit of a break too). For me, holidays have always been a time of family coming together. There are days out, days in, maybe travel to another country. The majority of my most memorable holidays have involved the beach - ice cream on the Yorkshire coast with my parents, my first taste of 'abroad' at a beach barbecue on Majorca, my one year old daughter's widening eyes as she dipped her toes in the sea in North Wales (her first holiday).

The photograph above reminds me of a holiday to Canterbury with my family. My husband was working there and for a week, my children and I joined him. While he worked, we would spend time in the city, visiting the Cathedral, the museums, the ceramics cafe, and the park. When he was finished, we would drive out of Canterbury. One evening, we drove to the coast. We bought ice creams and sat on a seabreak on the beach you can see above, all four of us snuggled together on a drizzly day, as happy as I can remember.

What about you? What do beaches and holidays mean to you? What do they inspire you to write?


  1. This makes me wish I was in Myrtle Beach. We used to go in April or May but since my daughter is in school now, we don't anymore. :(

  2. Oh no, maybe you can go in summer instead. I love the beach.

  3. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous vacation ~ visiting museums, cathedrals, cafes and parks, then huddling on the beach having ice cream. I long to hear the sea and would love to go on a beach vacation soon.

    1. Thanks, Claudine. It was a good one. Lots of lovely memories.

  4. The coast means everything to me. I grew up along the southern Jersey shore in places such as Avalon and Wildwood Crest. When I was old enough, I started traveling to more exotic beaches such as Cabo, Puerto Rico, Huntington Beach, the Florida Keys, Bahamas and will be off to Puerto Plata and Costa Rica within the next year. BUT, one of my favorite shorelines is Camden, Maine. It's absolutely magnificent there. We usually rent a lodge at the bottom of one of the mountains right by the sea. My favorite time is reading on the porch while overlooking the ocean. When I'm in Avalon though, I wake up around 6am so I can write on the beach before tourists come.
    The places you have mentioned sound amazing, Fi. I've always wanted to travel along Yorkshire's coast. Maybe someday we will find ourselves planted there for some while. There is so much beauty which reflects from the ocean. It's incredible to say the least.
    Lovely photo=)

    1. I'm very jealous, Gina. What a wonderful comment. Thank you.


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