Tuesday Choice Words

I'm struggling with a new chapter for the latest draft of my novel. I start and stutter and start again. This isn't writer's block because I know what I want to write and yet the words, the right words, either evade me or play annoyingly hard to get. I finally came to the conclusion that the difficulty was caused by the main character I was writing about. I need to get to know Blessing better, and as so often happens, a blog article popped into my inbox at just the right time to help me with this problem.

25 things a great character needs has proved an incredible help in mapping out Blessing's character. Written by Chuck Wendig, it features on his site terribleminds and is well worth a read.


  1. I hope Dahl's excellent words help you. I went through something similar last week, then all of a sudden I saw what needed to happen, which was such a relief.


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