Tuesday Choice Words

Yesterday, I introduced my character Frank to you but it's a rare occasion when I share my novel and talk about it to anyone. I think that's because the idea, although planned out, is still fermenting in my head. Do you talk about your novel? Steven Pressfield suggests that you shouldn't. Find out why in his article - Don't Talk About It.


  1. I don't usually talk about my WIP. I like to wait until it's revised and ready for other people's eyes.

  2. Me either, Fi and Kelly, except maybe with my husband and sons, if I have something I'm particularly excited about or need their advice. The outside world? Nope.

  3. I tend to keep my adult writing to myself unless I'm stuck and I really need some advice. Then, I might ask my mother. When it comes to my children's stories, I've only spilled the beans to my niece. For a 10 year old, she has an old soul with some great ideas and input=)


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