Tuesday Choice Words

It was my seventh wedding anniversary yesterday. We had a romantic evening in (well, as romantic as it can be when you're trying to settle a child in bed) - meal cooked by my husband, a bottle of bubbly and Captain Corelli's Mandolin on the TV - bliss. The champagne hangover I suffered this morning wasn't so blissful, which is why this post is later in the day than usual. Be kind to me - I'm feeling fragile.

As my life is so often a juggling act (children, work, some kind of social life), I sometimes struggle to meet my writing goals so I was delighted to discover a free online tool to help me keep up my progress - Pacemaker. Choose your word count, intensity level and weekend writing plans and this program will create a customised writing schedule for you. I started to use it the day I found it and have to say that it's proving incredibly useful.


  1. Ooh, I've never heard of Pacemaker.
    Will go and check it out.
    Thanks Fi.

  2. PS Congrats on the wedding anniversary :-)

  3. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Fi! (I didn't rate this post 'cool' because of the fizzy hangover 'tho!) ... thanks so much for the heads-up on Pacemaker, off to go looksee. Anything to stop me pfaffing about and actually sit me down and WRITE!!! x


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