Photo Inspiration for October

We are several weeks into autumn and the weather has turned cold where I live. My garden, however, refuses to obey the call of this season and is still decked in flowers that were meant to bloom in the summer. My daughter is a child of nature, especially hunting out insects (or mini beasts as she calls them). The many butterflies that visited our garden this summer have gone but we found these two caterpillars in amongst our flowers a couple of days ago. It seems to me that they are outside of their normal time.

The concept of someone or thing being outside their normal time or setting is used again and again in stories - the stranger, the time traveller, the alien. It probably stems from the time centuries ago when we kept to our tribe and outsiders were seen as dangerous.

What does the idea of 'other', of an individual outside the time or place they originated in, mean to you? Are they good or bad or something in between? Is the story about them or the reaction of other people towards them? What does 'other' mean to you?


  1. Here, the pumpkins are all rotting already because we keep getting such drastic temperatures. It's kind of crazy.

    1. The land here seems to be behind schedule which I don't mind in some ways but I wonder if it will have a negative effect on crops and so on for next year. Maybe we just all need to adapt.


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