Tuesday Choice Words

Take Two: When to Start a Sequel is an interesting post on the Other Side of the Story.

When just write is not enough talks about breaking through your insecurities to write. It's from Em's place, the website of writer, Emma Newman.

Help! My Book Isn't Selling is an informative article by Joanna Penn on her site, The Creative Penn.

“Don’t be afraid to write out of order. I used to write every book from first sentence to last, but the ideas don’t always come that way. Rather than hope you remember what you want to write later, enter down on your manuscript and write whatever scene is speaking to you at the moment. And if you use Scrivener, just create a new section and type away. The ideas come out best when you go with the flow, even if that flow is out of order.” Kelly Hashway, writer

Finally, a video, 'Top Ten Writing Rules From Famous Writers'.


  1. Thanks for including me, Fi! I feel all special now. :)

    1. That's ok, Kelly. It's a brilliant quote.

  2. the quote from Kelly Hashway is really encouraging. I'm currently planning book one of my futuristic trilogy having written book three first and book two second... weird?! maybe not after all!

    1. Just goes to prove that we're all individuals.


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