Tuesday Choice Words is changing

I've enjoyed bringing you writing advice gems over the past few months but recently my writing workload has gone into overdrive, reducing the amount of time I have to find 'choice words' to share. Tuesday Choice Words is therefore changing tact. Each week, I shall bring you one link and either an image, podcast or a YouTube clip. They'll still be the best I can find. Here's this week's offerings.

The Shape of a Story is a useful discussion on the Writers Musings site. How do you 'shape' your stories?


  1. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing, Fi!

  2. Another great link thank you! While I shall miss your constant stream of inspirational posts I think you are perfectly right to streamline your commitments. After all your personal writing ought to take priority! :) xxx

  3. Thanks, Kelly and Edith.

  4. That's excellent advice, Fi. Good luck with all of your work!


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