My Small Kindness

This was me at my wedding reception. It was a day of trips and falls, and laughter and leaps. I married the love of my life. My gorgeous children walked me down the aisle. Friends and family came together to help us celebrate (and got on tremendously well).

It was also one month since I had had an operation in hospital. I was still recovering and ill. I'd lost a stone in that time which would normally have been a welcome development but on this occasion it meant that my wedding outfit was too big. Other things went wrong which verged on spoiling the day but what I remember the best are the small kindnesses that added to the joy of our wedding.

We didn't have much money. When we started planning it, money wasn't a problem but as so often happens, life throws the proverbial detritus in your lap when you're least expecting it. All of a sudden, we had a photographer and a venue but little money for a cake, flowers or clothes (let alone invitations or dressing the reception room). What should have been a day to remember fast began to turn into a nightmare money-pit.

What saved the day were a number of people who, without being asked, showed us incredible kindness. One friend offered us the silk roses from her wedding cake to dress the supermarket, iced slabs we bought. The hotel where we were holding the reception leant us an antique cake stand and knife for free and decorated the cake for us. Another friend let us have the left over balloons from her sister's wedding which we used for the children at ours. Yet another friend sent us left over children's favours - little toys, notepads and crayons. More friends still sent me information on stores and websites where we could buy what we needed for a low price. My manager allowed me to print off our wedding stationery at work. The sister of another friend, a professional photographer, supplied me with a beautiful, autumn photograph for free for the front of our invitations. There were so many people that contributed to the day that above all the problems, we felt supported and approved of and loved.

Sometimes it is the smallest kindness, the least expected gesture, that stays with us the longest.

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  1. I agree - it is the small kindess that stays with us - thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh this is touching! I'm so happy you had the best wedding with so much kindness from so many people!! :) Thanks for sharing this!


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