Tuesday Choice Words

Thinking a Career by Steven Pressfield talks about the existence of your 'career-in-potential'.

From Blog to Book: An Interview with Author Rachael Herron discusses whether a blog is right for you and how it can enhance your writing.

Everything is Fiction posted by Keith Ridgway on the New Yorker site talks about how the writing process doesn't get any easier with practice (and publication).

A Right Fit: Navigating the World of Literary Agents written by Michael Bourne, a staff writer for The Millions site describes his journey to find an agent.

Making the most of ideas: Part IV - Blindsides, gaps and spinoffs from the Magical Writing site continues the 'making the most of ideas' series.


  1. Tweeted this.

    Hugs and chocolate,


  2. I like the links to different articles out there. Thanks for another resource of information.

    Also thank you for the comment on my blog. Good luck. I am glad you are writing what you love!


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