Monday Moments

Unlike much of the UK, we don't have snow. We have rain, the kind that doesn't appear very heavy but gradually drenches you. The sky is grey. The garden is muddy. Everyone is walking round staring at their boots, grumbling at their children and generally rushing through life to get out of the weather.

It's easy to join the herd on a day like this, hood pulled over your eyes, mind on the day's to-do list, but why not take the other, more writerly path? Look up, look round, just look. That's what I did today. Here's what I found.

  1. Looking from my kitchen window around 7.00 am, I saw a black cat sat on a ledge staring into a bedroom window. It stayed there for about ten minutes before jumping down to the ground. When I returned from the school run, the cat was back in its place, continuing its vigil.
  2. I first heard the chattering call and then saw two hefty magpies chasing each other around the branches of a tree which swayed in response.
  3. Two twins, probably around four years old, proudly made their way to school dressed as pirates - matching bandanas on their heads, cardboard swords in their belts and curly moustaches drawn on their faces.
What moments have you found today?


  1. Aw, pirate twins sound so cute. This is a great idea, Fi. We should all do this more.

  2. I have noticed, especially in London, the tendency to not watch or look at what is going on around us.

    This morning there was a little girl on my train, staring out the window at the snow and singing at the top of her lungs, blissfully unaware of the world around her. In her world it was just her, the window, and the snow beyond.

    To be young again...

  3. I agree with Unpublished Life. That is a symptom of city life. it used to be the same way when I used to work in downtown Chicago.

    The other day, I saw a car slowly making it's way down the street, piloted by a very old man. His wife was sitting by his side. A hearse Followed closely behind.

    I wrote it down and added it to my snippets file.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Some great moments there. There's always something to see.

  5. Sometimes I scribble down notes, not just about what I see, but about what I hear. The rhythmic banging of the clothes dryer next door. An argument between two lovers, following by passionate makeup sex (I live in apartment canyons, can you tell?). Or smell - fabric softener, the sudden blooming of the kumquat tree outside my front door, a the tang of fresh sliced apples.

  6. I will have to share Wednesday moments.. I found myself inspired today by a passage in a book I am reading. This morning in a meeting a client made a comment that stood me still, I had to write it down. I feel a blog post in the expression but no idea what it will be. I like this feeling of almost there..


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