January Photo Inspiration

Nature is waking up and we're starting our new life in a new home so I thought I'd make this post about beginnings.


  1. Is it okay if I like the puppy picture the best? Sooo cute!

  2. Of course you can. That's Jess. She's not that little anymore.

  3. Those flowers aren't really coming up are they? We're still in the deep of winter and though the weather is somewhat warmish for here -- -3C, it's very brown and frozen! And will be until April.

    Thanks for dropping by my place -- happy Move-in!

  4. The snowdrops photo is from last year but I've seen snowdrops in neighbouring gardens round here already this year.

  5. Babies and puppie are always great.

  6. New beginnings rock. Two years ago we bought a house off Craig's list. No kidding. Now, after more work and drywall dust than I'd care to remember, it's home. :) (we even got a puppy to go with!)


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