An award from a fellow blogger

Today I received an award from the talented writer, Kelly Hashway.

The rules of this award are that I should mention the blogger who gave the award, tell you seven things that you don't know about me and pass on the award to five other bloggers.

What you might not know about me
  1. I took singing lessons from an opera singer. I love singing.
  2. For years, I was involved in amateur dramatics but haven't done any acting for about eight years. I miss spending time on stage.
  3. The older I get, the more I see my father in me.
  4. When I was eight years old, I was knocked down by a car and spent six weeks in hospital - Christmas, New Year and my birthday. Those six weeks changed my outlook on life, opening my eyes to the diversity in people's lives.
  5. When I lived in a bedsit in Surrey, many years ago, I once answered the door to an old lady who asked if this house was the keycutter. I said no and unfortunately had no idea if there was a keycutter in the area. As she turned to go, I noticed that her sleeves and the back of her coat and hair were covered in thick cobwebs. 
  6. When I was living at the same house, I turned over in bed one night and my hand landed on a man's arm, thick set and hairy. When I turned on the light, there was nobody there, in my room or in the house.
  7. I would love to return to Venice, Italy one day, maybe for a romantic, adult holiday with my husband.
My five awardees

Night Storm

Bold in it's persuasiveness, the storm battered our home with its unrelenting will, shaking branches, rattling bins, shouting 'wake up, wake up, come dance with me' while we burrowed into our beds like frightened mice.


  1. Totally creepy number five and six! Eek! Cool stories though! Congrats for winning!

  2. Fiona, your numbers 5 & 6 sound like fantastic story ideas. That old woman intrigued me. And I loved your small stone, too. Am having so much fun over at the River of Stones myself. :) Congrats on the award!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I think those two memories have stayed with me because they appeal to my writer self.

  4. 5 and 6 are so creepy! Love it. I'd still have nightmares if those things happened to me.

  5. They happened over 15 years ago now and they haven't been the only spooky things I've seen. You get used to it. And I'm sure lots of other people have seen much more than me.

  6. Thank you so much, Fi, for thinking of me for this award! What a lovely way to start the day =)
    I'm afraid my seven things won't be nearly as interesting as yours, but I'll give it a try.
    I absolutely love your "Night Storm."

  7. Thanks for that. The UK is being attacked by storms at the moment and this night storm kept me awake last night. I'm sure your 7 will be interesting. We're all different - that's interesting in itself.

  8. Thanks for the award, Fi.

    I used to sing throughout my younger years and dabbled in local and school theater as well. I understand how you feel about missing it. :)

  9. What a wonderful surprise, Fi! Thanks for thinking of me and my blog. I feel, well, I feel so VERSATILE!

  10. Congrats! 5 and 6 are really intriguing.

  11. Thanks, Fi, that's very sweet.

    Creepy stories (but great writing fodder)!

    I, too, love singing, but unlike you, have neither talent nor training. Luckily the shower doesn't mind.

  12. Scary! When I was first married and living in the UK, we stayed at a manor house that had been carved into sections and rented out to holiday-makers. We stayed in the section where it was rumored the ghost of the lady who took her life over a lost love roamed the halls. I didn't know this - until I woke in the middle of the night to bells ringing. When I asked the caretaker the next day he told there were no bells, and how the woman hung herself on the bells and they were often heard ringing. I know - how strange. Anyway, thank you ( I think for reminding me of this...) And CONGRATS on the award.

  13. That's quite spooky. I like ghost stories.

  14. Thank you Fi for the award and link to my blog 'Word by Word', I just gave it that name a few days ago, so great to see it being used.

    I enjoy reading your blog too, love the small stones and the large ones in the background.

  15. Love the keycutter and cobwebby woman!
    I hopped over here from inluvwithwords - nice to find your blog.


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