Two of my favourite things

Well, three, if you add Joseph Fiennes.

As you'll probably have guessed already, I love a good cup of coffee. What you may not know is that one of my favourite novels is Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy - a classical novel of romance, passion, tragedy and how the passing of the seasons can rule our lives. So when I found out that the coffee maker Carte Noire were featuring on their website podcasts of actors such as Joseph Fiennes, Greg Wise and Dominic West, reading from classic books that include 'Far from the madding crowd' and 'Sense and Sensibility', I was delighted.

Carte Noire will even send you a free sample of their coffee and a bookmark, if you fill in your details here.

Cue my first session this morning of coffee and Joseph *sigh*, what a girl will do to get a little culture.


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