Penguin Books

I love hardback books. There's something wonderfully substantial and luxurious about them. The sight of a full shelf of hardback spines is something that makes me smile. Lugging a bag of hardbacks on holiday can be a problem though, especially if you're travelling light.

For holiday reading, I buy a selection of paperbacks. They're easier to pack in my suitcase for the journey and carry around in a beach bag once I arrive.

Seventy five years ago, Penguin Books first came up with the idea of producing quality paperback books at a low cost (back then 6d or about two and a half pence nowadays). In fact the first of those Penguin paperbacks was published on 30 July 1935.

Thank you, Penguin Books. You not only started a paperback revolution and supplied countless holiday makers with lightweight reading material, but you also allowed me to fit even more titles onto my bookshelves.


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