Happy new year and welcome to the decade!

It's been all go in my life over the festive break. There was the normal round of friend and family visits, the attempt to fit the resulting gifts into the house (mainly belonging to our children) and then there was the packing.

Now you may be thinking that by packing, I mean packing to go on holiday. What I actually mean is packing up our belongings into many, many cardboard boxes for our house move over the Pennines, indeed over the border to Wales. Our initial move (family and necessities) took place before the new year. The rest of our belongings follow this weekend.

And that, kind readers, is my reason for having neglected you for the past few weeks. I have not only been uprooted but I have been without internet access also. I have been cyber-roughing it.

So with my belated return to the world of blog, I would like to wish you all the very best of new years and a truly inspiring decade.


  1. Happy new year!

    I hope your new life is wonderful!


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