What I'm doing this month - October

Is it just me or has it got chilly since October started? Brrrr. I had to root out my slipper boots because the dog won't let me use her as a foot warmer when I'm working.

October looks to be a full month - lots to do, lots to decide and lots to enjoy too.

Haven Wakes

That's the new title of my middle grade futuristic fantasy novel. What do you think? After finishing the latest (and hopefully last pre-editor) draft, I've been submitting my novel to literary agents in the UK. I've had one rejection so far but I'm not letting that dishearten me.

Preparing for November - or not?

NaNoWriMo will begin again in November and I'm in a bit of quandary over (a) whether to take part, and (b) what to write if I do NaNo this year.

The Camp NaNoWriMos have always been really successful for me and given me a real boost each time I've taken part, but I've never yet succeeded at the 50,000 word count of NaNoWriMo. I think it's to do with the time of year or maybe I just haven't prepared sufficiently. Whatever it is, each failure has left me feeling despondent and unmotivated.

So, do I take part? And if so, what do I write?

I have a choice of books that I could work on:
  • book 2 of the Haven series
  • a standalone novel set in the same world as the Haven books but for a grown-up audience
  • the first in a middle grade sci fi series that my husband dreamed up
  • The Glass Witch - a middle grade book based around the premise of what happened after Hansel and Gretel
All of them have merit and all of them appeal to me. So which do I choose? 

I still haven't decided but just in case I do NaNo, I've signed up for Rachel Stephen's Prep-tober. It includes regular emails, YouTube videos and useful downloadables too. Thanks, Rachel.

Writer website

I'm also working on my writer website. I have the domain and I know where I'll host my website. Now, I need to come up with the design and message. 

Finally, this month I'm reading...

I decided that rather than buy any new books, I would first read all those titles squirrelled away on my bookshelves. 

This month's choice is Ghost Story by Jim Butcher. I loved the Dresden Files TV series and heard great things about Jim Butcher's writing, and so far I haven't been disappointed.

What about you?

What are you up to in October? Writing? Reading? Prepping for NaNoWriMo or getting your costume ready for Halloween?


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