What I'm doing this month - December

Advent calendars are eagerly opened each morning, the tree is up in all it's tinsel-ly grandeur, and Christmas cards are written and ready to post. December has arrived.

After the house move in November, we're well on the way to unpacking all the boxes and bags we brought with us. The new place finally feels like home.

December will be a month of winding down after all the hard work of settling in here, preparing for the festive break, and looking ahead to all the new beginnings that January will bring.

Writing-wise, I'm determined to carve out some time during the Christmas holiday to return to my novel (armed with advice from my recent meeting with literary agent Lucy Morris).

Work-wise, Murdering the Text has never closed its online doors during or since the move. Blog posts have been written and newsletters have continued to fly out. We'll be winding down for Christmas on 22nd December though, opening up again on 3rd January.

Family-wise, the present buying is an ongoing process and I'm still unsure whether Christmas dinner will be at the dining table or on trays on our knees. There are trips out planned to a local zoo and to watch a night-time winter parade, and visits to loved ones too.

I still haven't carved out an office space for myself, so I'm currently sat on the couch with my laptop on my knee, and a coffee to hand, enjoying the peace before my teens arrive home.

The weather is cold, I still haven't found all of my underwear, and I'm way behind with the laundry, but all in all, life is good. Roll on Christmas.


  1. So glad you are settling in well. Enjoy all of the fun (and chaos) that December brings. :)

    1. Thanks, Karen. Hope it's a good one for you too.

  2. I'm glad you're settling into your new place. :)


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