What I'm doing this month - September

September always a marks a new start to the year for me as my offspring return to school after the long summer break and I get my days back.

Launching my new business

This year is an especially fresh start as I begin to develop my copywriting business.

Back in February, I started down the freelance copywriter path, writing in-house material, sales emails and other goodies for a local business.

Over the summer break, I delved into the world of copywriting a little further by seeking out relevant training and joining a number of online business groups. There is so much brilliant advice out there already from existing copywriters and business owners, that it's been easy, and fun, to put together a support network of helpful mentors. After all, who better to ask then the individuals who have already done it?

Now, with my domain purchased, I'm ready to set up my copywriting business proper, website and all.

'Watch this space' as they say, for future news of the launch of my business and the completion of my website.

Creative Writing

When I bought the domain for my copywriting business, I gave into temptation and also bought the domain for my writer website. Exciting stuff. No, that isn't what it's called. That's just how I feel.

I can't wait to get started on my writer website but I'll have to until my copywriting business and website are up and running.

I'm still working on my novel, on evenings and at the weekend, with a target to finish it before the end of the year (hopefully sooner).

Murdering The Text

This website has seen a massive overhaul too, including a fresh look, and a new monthly newsletter.


We're buying a house. We've been buying a house since the spring. We thought that we'd be moved before the end of the summer holiday but, no, we're still here.

In the meantime, I'm decluttering and offloading in frantic preparation. Who knew we had so much 'stuff'?

What about you? What are you up to in September?


  1. Good luck with all this! You have a lot on your plate. I hope it all goes well.

  2. Wow! Exciting stuff, Fi. Good luck with everything. Looking forward to seeing your websites.


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