What I'm Doing This Month - August

August is always a mixture of a month. On the one hand, it's summer break and my teenage monsters are off school. They're of an age to keep themselves and each other happy (aside from the bickering) but I try to get them out of the house (and away from their computers) most days. They're good company, and with our dog in tow for some of those outings, I enjoy our summer adventures.

The downside is that my work schedule is massively interrupted. I'm lucky to be self employed, working from home and able to arrange my hours around my family, but it means early work before everyone else is up, and working some evening hours too. 

So, aside from the adventures, I'll be juggling my time this month to include:
  • ongoing copywriting work along with some training I'm taking on the subject too,
  • finding new clients for my scriptwriting business plus adding more value to my existing clients,
  • working on my novel, and
  • investigating setting up a new writer/copywriting website.
On top of that, we're still buying a house. All kind of obstacles have been thrown in our path, thankfully nothing that is insurmountable, but it's slowed down the process and it looks like we won't be moving until September.

I'm taking it as an opportunity (albeit a frustrating one) to declutter and get rid of anything we won't be able to take with us. Wish me luck as I delve into the depths of my teens' belongings. 


  1. I don't get nearly as much done in the summer. It's tough.

  2. Very difficult to write, let alone conceptualize anything, with the kids home, but great to have them around. Enjoy your time!


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