Resetting my Mindset

I've always had a specific approach to getting writing done. I write. Then I wander around, get a coffee, do some housework, while I think about the next stage in my my writing. Then I write some more. I've always done that, whether working on a play, my novel or these blog posts, and it's been an effective way to get things done in the past.

It doesn't work, however, when you're writing to a time limit. I have 20 minutes to write this email, or I have an hour and a half to turn this bullet list into an informative piece on productivity, all under the remit of a client.

When it's my own time, it's fine to have those 'brainstorm' walks but when I'm writing for a client who doesn't want to pay for any more time than they have to, the wanderings are out of the question.

It's a new puzzle to solve. I need more focus within a tighter time frame. I have to 'parent' myself like I do my children as I drag them through the door each morning for school. No self indulgence, well, not until I've finished my workload.

It's a puzzle and a learning curve that I'm enjoying though. Already I can see that the rest of my writing is seeing a benefit from this fresh mindset. Of course, the extra money is appreciated too.

What about you? Do you change mindset depending on what you're writing?


  1. I'm a tough boss. I seriously could never be anyone else's boss because they'd hate me. I'm very tough on myself and force myself to focus until a goal is met, if not exceeded. Take today for instance. I wouldn't let myself comment on blogs until I surpassed by page count goal for editing.

    1. That's why I like being self employed but I do need to learn to be stricter with myself. Thanks for the comment.


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