Something Useful for 2016 - Exercise No. 24

It's December and, in  case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is speeding towards us. This weekend, my children helped me decorate our tree. The ornaments are a mixture of styles and colours but many hold wonderful memories. 

Most of you will have a Christmas tree in your home this month. My December writing exercise is to choose one of your decorations as an inspiration for your writing. The inspiration could come from where you bought your decoration (or perhaps it was a gift), or what the symbol of the ornament stands for itself (be it, an owl, a Santa or a snowflake). 

If you don't have a Christmas tree at home (or if you aren't at home this time of year), then choose an ornament on a tree in a shopping centre, or find one online. 

Which bauble have you chosen or what has it inspired you to write?


  1. So many ornaments have great stories behind them.

  2. Great idea, Fi. Those stories run through my head as I unwrap each ornament. Why not write them down?


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