Choice Words for October

One of the problems I have always had with my protagonist, Steve is wondering whether readers will like a grumpy teenager. He isn't a magical like Blessing. He isn't gung-ho like Hartley. Steve is trying his best to find his way in a world that is constantly changing.

Writer, K M Weiland discusses this topic in her article, Worried Readers Won't Like Your Character? Have a look and tell me what you think.


  1. I love characters who are flawed, so I'd like Steve. I think we need all different kinds of characters.

  2. Plenty of protagonists are grumpy or cantankerous. If he has one endearing quality that makes readers sympathetic to him in some way, you should be okay,

  3. I think a grumpy character would be OK as long as the whole tone of the book isn't grumpy.


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