What I'm Doing This Month - March

Spring starts this month (20th March in the UK) but there are already daffodils and crocuses in the garden, and birds chasing each other around in an amorous fashion.

I like spring. Seeing the buds on the trees and petals poking through the earth makes the world seem a happier place to live in. With the milder winters in the UK, I'm not sure if any of our animals hibernate anymore, but spring always feels like the land (and my motivation) is waking up.


Not a great deal to report here except that I'm getting on with what I was doing in February. I initially had a plotline for the whole trilogy but after making so many changes to novel 1, I had to rethink the entire story arc. I discussed part of the process of doing this in Cut, Paste, File Away and now I'm dipping back into novel 1 to make sure all the clues needed for the big reveal at the end of book 3 are in place.

Literary Agents

I'm still waiting on hearing from a couple of agents. The latest rejection had this to say,

While I enjoyed reading your submission, which stood out from the many we receive, I'm afraid I didn't feel enthusiastic enough about the material to take it further.

It's a no but again, it suggests that I'm doing something right. Onwards and upwards.

Other Kinds of Creativity

I love writing but it's always good to get creative in other ways. I'm revamping our Zazzle shops at the moment, rejigging the designs and adding new products too. The first shop I'm working on is Strangemoo. Once I'm finished with that one, I'll be starting a new shop called Strangemoo Kidz.

Personal Stuff

Later this month, I get to see my son take part in the school production of Bugsy Malone. He has four parts and is slightly worried about being able to change costume quickly enough, but if that's all he's worried about, I'm sure he'll do brilliantly.

In the UK, this weekend sees our Mother's Day. I don't know what my family have planned for me but it's bound to include a visit to my mother in law. I'll be thinking of my mum too.

So there you have it, my month. What are you doing in March?


  1. Happy Mother's Day!

    Rejections like those are tough because you know you're doing the right thing and it's all about finding that perfect match to represent your work. You're doing great, Fi. Keep it up and you'll get there.


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