Tuesday Choice Words

My novel is finished. It's been through a barrage of drafts, beta-read and painfully tweaked into its current form. The next stage is a professional manuscript assessment (need to save up for that). It's been a torturous journey to get here and I wish I'd come across Jeff Goins' 5-Draft Method before now. I'll file it away to use on my next novel. Have a look.


  1. I agree with the multi-draft theory, but I usually write in scenes or chapters first, then perfect them and move on. After that's completed, I read over chunks then the entire novel. Somehow, I can't move on writing-wise unless the previous scenes are semi-perfect.

  2. My process can change from book to book, and that scares me. lol Right now, I'm working on a draft while I'm doing a lot of promo, which means I can't fast draft for hours on end. That totally takes me out of my comfort zone, but I don't want to stop working on the draft, so this is how this book will get written.

    1. That's really interesting, Kelly.


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