My monthly photo inspiration post is changing too.

From this month, my photo inspiration post will feature just the one photo instead of the four, five or six that I have posted in the past. To accompany this change, I'll add some suggestions on how you can use the photo and maybe a little back story too. I'd also love to hear how you use my photo inspiration so don't forget to share that with me here too.

My photo for June is an old one. The boy in the photo is my father, Charlie. The man sat in front of him is his father, another Charlie. It was taken in the 1920s on a Scottish beach.

What is your eye drawn to in this image? The two Charlies? The men sat on the wall? The woman staring up at them? What do you think the weather was like? What sounds could you hear? Who is absent from the photo and what does that mean? What happened next?


  1. My eyes went to the two Charlies.

    1. Mine too but then I'm biased because they're 'my' two Charlies. :-)

  2. My eyes went to the seated Charles and the fact that he had on a suit at the beach.

    1. It was probably the done thing in those days. Only kids really stripped off on the beach.


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