Tuesday Choice Words

How to Write a Killer Logline is a post I need to inwardly digest. Do you have a decent logline? It's from the diy MFA site.

Matters of Life and Death on the Magical Words site discusses how to use death (killing off a character) in
your book.

Four Steps to a Winning Query is a useful post on the diy MFA site.

Princess, and some thoughts on writing by Neil Gaiman discusses a miscellany of topics. One particularly interesting subject he touches on is a find from his writing youth.

The Rewrite Rules! is a guest post by Bess Weatherby on the diy MFA site.


  1. Another brilliant selection Fiona! I absolutly love your new DIY MFA site, perfect for someone like me who will never be able to afford to do one officially! xxx

  2. The Neil Gaiman one sounds really good.


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