Writing All Over The Place

Last year, I read an article from Writerly Life called Write in a New Place. It suggests that our location affects our mental state and that as writers we should occasionally switch our writing station for somewhere new.

This year, I decided to take the challenge a little further and find lots of new locations for my writing. I like to write alone and usually in silence. Normally, I write at the computer in the dining room/study on a morning. The house is empty with my husband at work and my children at school. I'm aware that this can be distracting however - the sounds of the washing machine, dishwasher and guinea pigs are all audible from there - and my drift of thought is often interrupted. So far this year, I have picked up my writing pad and a pencil or pen and relocated to:
  • the sofa in the lounge (TV switched off),
  • my  bed (when I'm not  tired but the rest of the house is taken by my family),
  • my local library (got a few strange looks there - I don't think they're used to people using the place for anything other than book browsing and borrowing),
  • a couple of nearby cafes and McDonald's (which, when relatively empty, are fine but the noisier they get, the less I can concentrate on my writing and the more I people watch, surreptitiously of course),
  • and the doctor's surgery (again with the people watching).

The most successful  by far is the sofa. I can spread out with my notes and easily spend a couple of hours writing non stop.

In the summer, I plan to set up a writing station for myself in the garden and when I go on holiday, I shall be packing a pad and pen.

Where do you write? Do you relocate or have you a set writing location that you're faithful to?


  1. I used to write on my couch but now I write at the dining room table. There's more room for me to spread out and I don't get the backaches the couch always gave me.


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