Have a nice day

It was just another mundane week day. Get up. Get ready. Get children up. Get children ready. Shout at husband to get up. Ensure everyone is in the car. Deliver children to school. Deliver husband to work. Join the throng of mums and pensioners buying food at  the supermarket. 

Flicking through the radio channels on the drive home (whilst collating a mental to do list for the rest of the day), I landed on this.

It's an easy, singalong song that pulled me from my head-down attitude this morning. The grass seemed greener, the neighbours more friendly and my face even managed a smile. Sometimes it's the little things, the incidental things that fall into our life that make the difference.

Here's another 'nice day', this time from Bon Jovi.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hope it turns out nice.


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