5 Things I Love About Writing

1. Creating new worlds

Since I was a child, I have imagined that beyond our experience of the day to day grind there is something else. I saw fairies in the movement of a flower, life in a shadow and a dragon in the clouds. To create a world where those dragons are commonplace, where robots serve us breakfast or magic is at hand is a delight.

2. Exploring 'what if'

There are moments in time where turning a different corner or checking one more time before you cross the road, can make all the difference. I've always been aware of these moments and as a writer, they can be gems, providing fresh, exciting storylines.

3. Meeting new characters

In the novel that I'm writing two of the characters - Hartley and Darkling - have been with me for a long time. Over the years they've become my friends. I've also introduced new characters and getting to know them - their loves, their hates, their histories - is always a fascinating journey because the more I get to know them, the more I get to know myself.

4. Writing dialogue

As a playwright, I've learnt to tighten my dialogue, using it to catch a personality in not only the words spoken but their intent and rhythm. I love the music of speech, the richness of genuine dialogue and the poetry of written speech.

5. Finally...

I'm unsure whether this is just personal to me but my final joy is when, after having put my writing away for a week or just a number of days, I return and read it through. It won't always be perfect - who am I kidding? It's never perfect - but it's mine and somewhere in there I will find some gems that make me smile.


  1. I love the rewarding feeling I get after I finish a piece that I love. Unlike my television projects where a team of us create the masterpiece (which is also wonderful), my writing is mine alone and the pride makes my heart do a little jump. Of course, sometimes I stare at a blank page and sometimes I write total crap, but even so.... :)

  2. Very cute post! I agree with all five!

  3. Hi, Fi. Nice to 'meet' you. I'm visiting from She Writes.

  4. Finally I got the chance to look through your blog. Very nice. I like the 5 tips on why you write...and the quotes on your sidebar. Think I'll have to repost the Oscar Wilde one. That was the best. I also found at least one writer whose book I would like to read...and still haven't finished looking through all you have here. Again, very nice.
    Thanks for posting!


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